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  • induo® round wood poles for the
    energy and telecommunications industries

    durable | sustainable | economical

  • induo® iTP poles – the innovative
    pole generation with low lifecycle costs

    durable | heavy duty | unique

  • Worldwide deliveries of extensive capacity

    cost-efficient | just in time | straightforward

  • induo® debarked white poles – pine sustainably
    managed on behalf of our customers

    dried | peeled | standardised

  • Renewable raw material of the
    highest quality as per european guidelines

    sustainable | CO2 enviromentally neutral | ecologically sustainable

induo® products – we deliver world-wide

induo® round wooden poles

We supply our customers world-wide with impregnated and ready to assemble round wooden poles of various specifications and designs. Poles complying with all standards are possible, depending on the customer’s needs.

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induo® white peeled poles

As one of the largest exporters in Europe, we deliver round wooden poles as debarked or white peeled promptly and reliably to any location in the world.

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induo® iTP poles

Induo® Engineered Timber Poles are made of laminated veneer wood. This results in a high level of material homogeneity and thus very high strength. All components can be completely impregnated and are thus protected against environmental influences for considerably longer than conventional wooden poles.

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LoPro® Bandages

LoPro® wood bandages extend the lifespan of wooden construction components outdoors, e.g. at the ground entry point and underground. LoPro® corrosion-protection bandages are based on a new technological concept and offer physical, chemical and passive corrosion protection for metal surfaces.

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Our responsibility

As one of the largest exporters of round wooden poles and pole systems in Europe with headquarters in Germany, we offer our customers outstanding, standardised quality “Made in Germany”. In combination with innovative engineering services we stand for the preservation and construction of secure, efficient power supply systems.

Renewable and resilient

Central and Northern European pine trees provide the basic material for induo® poles. Wood is the most common and versatile used resource, always providing an attractive appearance. Wood is strong, easy to transport, easy to work, cost-effective and above all a natural and renewable raw material. At approximately 11 million hectares the forest makes up almost one third of the land area in Germany alone. Other renewable raw materials are grown on 2 million hectares (about 17 percent) of the arable land in Germany. There are more than a million people employed across the timber industry, with an annual turnover of more than 100 billion euros.


Our competence

Worldwide exports

induo®exports products to over 30 countries. With German thoroughness and precision, we can deliver you every product punctually all over the world.

Made in Germany

We manufacture in Germany. All round wooden poles and induo®iTP poles are manufactured to the highest German quality standards.

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