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  • induo® posts, rails for fencing, gardening and landscaping

    durable and sustainable

Durability and Sustainability

induo® offers certified quality posts and rails for fencing, gardening and landscaping according to various European and international standards.  For the manufacturing of these induo® products we only use tight and slow grown pinewood of the highest goods classification. The wood grows in sustainably managed forests until it is felled, and is then prepared in our sorting facilities for use in production.

The wood is cut into various lengths, machined, planed and one side sharpened or plain cut. After being dried and sterilised in our special drying facilities, it is treated with creosote according EN 13229 or with salt-copper impregnation. These quality-assured methods lend the wood its long-term durability.

induo® posts and rails are certified and are manufactured in many different lengths and sizes. The posts are used in agriculture, for fencing, as well as gardening and landscaping.


induo® posts and rails are used for:

  • Fences, field and farm property

  • All Equestrian uses, riding arenas

  • Paddocks, sand pens, arenas, walk ways

  • Agriculture

  • Hop poles, fruit orchards, wooden supports, plant poles

  • Game fences and protective fencing systems

  • Borders for paths and planting areas

  • Supports embankments and smaller slopes


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