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The induo® world

induo® Systemholztechnik GmbH has been an owner-managed company since it was founded in 1999.

As a manufacturer and developer of system wood technology and timber fasteners and as one of the biggest exporters of round wooden poles in Europe, we can look back proudly at our company success that is characterised by numerous innovations.

Our firm, based in Korschenbroich, near Düsseldorf, has dedicated itself to the renewable material, wood, and exports its products, made in Germany, to over 30 countries. induo® is successful for its standardised quality, based on innovative engineering achievements.

The induo® path to success


Further business divisions

induo® anchors

Cross-material connectors for wooden components

With induo® products and connector systems, you can join and connect components made of wood and wooden composites, as well as multi-material wood/steel or wood/reinforced concrete parts.

Our customers and market partners are engineers, architects, companies from the construction and wooden construction sectors, electricity network proprietors and many others. We will support you in the use of our products from the design and planning stage, through measurement, and all the way to production and implementation. 

Image right induo® anchor M12

induo® modular building systems

Rooms for living, learning and working

As a system supplier and specialist planner of modular construction systems, we offer long-standing expertise, together with leading firms from the modular construction sector, in the planning, development, optimisation and provision of extensively pre-fabricated construction projects.

The induo® modular building system allows building firms and manufacturers to produce complete framing systems with measurements up to 4 x 15 m, stackable up to 4 full storeys, with static calculation, fire protection and, if desired, further engineering services.

Image right induo® standard modular room frame 3 x 6 m