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Today there are several thousand induo® pole systems ensuring a secure power supply for millions of people.

One of our core competencies is the planning and design of electrical engineering infrastructure. We take care of our customers from planning to delivery and look after the quality assurance of the overhead line poles and system components required for the operation of the network.

We specialise in overhead line technology. induo® pole systems developed and patented for this purpose guarantee the highest possible reliability in the operation of the network.


Technical treatments

Due to changing environmental conditions and new country specific requirements, existing networks are always confronted with new problems. We would be pleased to support you in your plans with our comprehensive engineering services.

Research & development

Research and development is the basis of our products and an investment in a successful future. Working together with industry associations, universities and manufacturing companies, we are develop innovations so that we can continue to combine exceptional quality with cost efficiency.


The patented induo® iTP Poles and induo® Round Timber Poles are mainly designed to meet the standards of German energy suppliers and DIN. The applicable European and international standards also set the highest standards for reliability, operational safety, durability, quality assurance and environmental performance in today’s transmission line structures. The following certifications can be made available for particular products:

  • Quality management system ISO 9001

  • Environmental management ISO 14001

  • CE certification according to EN 14229

  • CE certification according to EN 351

  • Bending strength tests according to EN 14229

  • Bending strength tests according to BS 1990

  • PEFC chain of custody

  • Building authority approvals

  • Prequalification and preshipment certificates

  • References and proof of delivery

Ordering & Advice

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Accessories required?

We provide all necessary accessories and
system components for pole systems.
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