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  • induo® iTP poles

    innovative and durable

Innovation creates durability 

Induo® iTP Poles are made of laminated veneer wood. This results in a high level of material homogeneity and thus very high strength. Due to their construction, all components can be completely impregnated using a special technique and are thus protected against the environment for significantly longer than other poles.

induo® iTP Poles are not subject to natural limits. The “engineering” of the material allows the poles to reach an enormous height, size and strength.

The induo® iTP Pole system includes heavy duty poles for any requirement. 

Delivery programme

  • iTP POLES 3 KN 
    Standard suspension poles for use in medium and low voltage. Characteristic load capacity up to 3.0 kN. In the standard version with identical head configuration for single crossarm connection together with connectors for insulators, hooks, hangers and/or shackles etc.

  • iTP POLES 6 KN 
    iTP poles in the 6 kN performance class are used to replace round wood, steel and reinforced concrete poles and cover a wide range of applications in the low and medium-voltage range.
  • iTP POLES 15 – 30 KN 
    Angular and terminal poles are the key supporting element in an overhead line section. The induo® iTP Pole System includes heavy-duty angular, angular span and terminal poles for low and medium-voltage.

    We offer accessories for your overhead line project, whether crossarms, beams, hooks, hangers, insulators or even bird protection devices and special designs 


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  • Planning: Analysis, pre-planning and site planning.

  • Advice: On the selection of the correct system and the appropriate system components.

  • Technical processing: Dimensioning and design

  • Complete project implementations

Life of iTP poles

The patented induo® iTP Poles allow for significantly longer service life than other poles, comparable to that of steel and concrete pylons in the same situation and under the same environmental conditions.

This eliminates the need for costly regular tests for maintenance and any inner decay that is not visible.

Test the induo® iTP poles! We would be happy to advise you.


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