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  • Impregnation of wooden poles

    long lifespan and approved worldwide

Creosote impregnation – long lifespan and approved worldwide

The use of wood poles makes an important contribution to the preservation of our forests and the protection they offer the land, water and climate. For quality reasons, induo® mainly supplies wood poles made of wood species Scots pine which, in terms of their impregnation characteristics, depth of preservatives penetration, strength and resistance are far superior to wood poles made of other softwoods, such as spruce. To ensure the durability of our products, we protect them with either a creosote or a salt impregnation.

Using a special system and vacuum pressure technology, induo® round wood poles are impregnated with a minimum of 95 to 140 kg of the protective substance creosote WEI type B or C per m3 using the Rueping procedure (boiler pressure method) over the entire sapwood area of the pole.

Salt impregnation – modern and comprehensively ecologically proven

Alternatively, we can impregnate induo® round wood poles with a 3 to 6% salt impregnation solution. Here, we use the chromate, arsenic and boron free impregnation substances Tanalith, Wolmanit CX 8 and Korasit KSM/KS2 for protection.

For deep-acting impregnation, we also use the boiler pressure method. Wood poles that are exposed to the elements and installed in contact with the earth are especially in need of extra deep protection, something that can only be achieved reliably with the boiler pressure method. Modern, fixing and comprehensively ecologically tested salt impregnation products offer reliable and durable protection for the poles.

Salt impregnation protects against fungus, moulds and insects without placing any further strain on the environment. The green colour of the round wood poles after impregnation is typical. For all applications in which people also come into contact with the wood, salt impregnation is an ideal solution.

All impregnation methods used by induo® adhere to the highest standards and are approved worldwide.


Tanalith is a modern wood protection substance based on copper triazole technology. In over 20 years it has proved itself, all over the world as a high-performance wood preservative in all applications involving ground contact.

induo® uses the latest generation of Tanalith in a controlled, industrial boiler pressure process. After salt impregnation with Tanalith, the treated poles take on an original, natural, light-green colouration that will fit seamlessly into any environment. Over time, wood impregnated with Tanalith turns a warm brown tone, then a natural silver grey.


Korasit is a water-soluble, liquid, fixing wood preservative substance based on highly efficient complex copper molecules and a quaternary ammonia compound for use, as per DIN 68800-3, with the boiler pressure method. Salt impregnation with Korasit offers preventive protection to induo® round wood poles against wood-destroying fungi and insects – with additional effectiveness against termites.


For salt impregnation using the boiler pressure method, induo® also uses Wolmanit CX 8.

Wolmanit CX is a range of liquid, chromium-free wood preservative salts offering preventive protection against wood-destroying fungi, mildew germs, and insects, including termites.

For many years, the active ingredient, Cu-HDO, on which Wolmanit CX is based, has been used successfully for wood protection and is, in toxicological terms, among the best researched wood preservative fungicides worldwide.

Rapidly fixing in the wood, the aqueous Wolmanit CX product is difficult to leach out again, very weather-resistant and plant-compatible. 

There are also no additional health risks from timber components or, in the case of impregnated wood, from the preservative substance.

Extended service life thanks to LoPro® bandages

Using the induo® wood preservative system, LoPro®, we can provide all wood poles with above-average weather and soil protection in addition to creosote or salt impregnation. Thanks to our standardised process technology, the use of LoPro® wood preservative bandages is also very economical.

The LoPro® wood preservative bandage protects and extends the service life of all wooden components with earth foundations in outdoor areas. It is applied at the air/earth interface of the wooden poles, prevents the ingress of large quantities of moisture into the parts of the wood poles that are in contact with the earth, while also preventing the leakage creosote or salt impregnation components into the environment over the long term. At the same time, the oxidising zinc foil protects against wood-destroying micro-organisms and helps to insulate the wood pole against increased infection pressure from the earth.

In the first stage in the wood pole’s life, induo® recommends the LoPro® complete foot protection bandage to cover the entire buried length and the foot of the pole.

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In general you should always be aware when disposing of treated wood, that it should be recycled for energy, i.e. transported to an approved incineration plant.

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