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  • induo® wood poles

    multifunctionally and sustainble

Wood poles of the highest quality – Made in Germany

induo® offers high-quality wood poles in a wide range of designs and qualities. For quality reasons, we mainly supply wood poles made of the timber species Scots pine which, in terms of their impregnation characteristics, depth of Preservatives penetration, strength and resistance are far superior to wood poles made of spruce. Our wood poles are deployed worldwide by happy customers from the energy and telecommunications sectors.

Medium and low-voltage networks can be constructed effectively and cheaply worldwide using induo® pole systems. induo® wood poles are impregnated individually for each customer and shipped worldwide. Our wood poles are particularly easy to handle and are available in various specifications. A positive carbon footprint and the fulfilment of all the applicable standards make induo® wood poles the ideal solution for overhead cabling of any kind.

Product range

Our range of wood pole products includes induo® round wood poles in the following types:

induo® round wood poles with 14 to 40 cm diameter in the standard lengths 

  • 6 m meter foot Ø 14-22 cm (20 feet Ø 5 to 9 inch)
  • 7 m meter foot Ø 16-22 cm (23 feet Ø 6 to 9 inch)
  • 8 m meter foot Ø 16-26 cm (26 feet Ø 6 to 10 inch)
  • 9 m meter foot Ø 17-30 cm (30 feet Ø 7 to 12 inch)
  • 10 m meter foot Ø 18-32 cm (33 feet Ø 7 to 13 inch)
  • 11 m meter foot Ø 19-34 cm (36 feet Ø 7 to 13 inch)
  • 12 m meter foot Ø 20-36 cm (39 feet Ø 8 to 14 inch)
  • Further standard lengths up to 16 m and special lengths from 16 to 24 metres

induo® round wooden poles for Double poles, H-Frame Poles or A-Frame Poles (unbound and pre-assembled or not pre-assembled) in the standard lengths 

  • 9 m meter foot Ø 17-30 cm (30 feet Ø 7 to 12 inch)
  • 10 m meter foot Ø 18-32 cm (33 feet Ø 7 to 13 inch)
  • 11 m meter foot Ø 19-34 cm (36 feet Ø 7 to 13 inch)
  • 12 m meter foot Ø 20-36 cm ( 39 feet Ø 8 to 14 inch)

  • Further standard lengths up to 16 m and special lengths from 16 to 24 metres

induo® wood poles are used by our customers in the telecommunications, energy and agricultural sectors and are most often used as:

  • Support poles
  • Electrical and telecommunications Poles 
  • Angular poles 
  • Dead-end poles 
  • Single wood poles 
  • Double wood poles 
  • A-frame wood poles 
  • H-frame wood poles 
  • Palisades
  • Posts

We also offer all our poles, posts and palisades for delivery with LoPro® (Long Protection) wood preservative bandages, a special pole foot protection system for wood poles.

Origin, impregnation and wood protection

As a rule induo® wood poles are made from northern or central European pine timber from sustainable forestry, which is particularly suitable on account of its structure and growth characteristics. The best timber is selected on site for felling and then brought directly to the facility for further processing. induo® wood poles are stored, processed, de-barked, dried, pared and further refined according to growth and standards pursuant to EN14229, British Standard 1990 Part-1 or the relevant national specifications.

The impregnation methods we use adhere to the highest standards, are long-lived and are approved worldwide.

We offer all our wood poles with the following finishing options:

  • untreated 
  • Impregnated with Water Bourne Preservative such as:
    - Tanalith E impregnated
    - Wolmanit CX-8 WB impregnated
    - Korasit KSM/KS2 impregnated
  • Tar Oil Preservative such as:
    - Creosote Type B
    - Creosote Type C

Thanks to our induo® wood protection system, LoPro®, we are able to provide our wood poles with above-average protection against weathering and ground water. The system is also very economical due to our standardised process technology.

The LoPro® wood preservative bandage protects and extends the lifespan of all wooden components outdoors. It is applied at the air/earth interface of the wood poles, prevents the ingress of large quantities of moisture into those parts of the wood poles that are in contact with the earth, while also preventing preservative components from leaking into the environment over the long term. At the same time, the oxidising zinc foil protects against wood-destroying micro-organisms and helps to insulate the wood pole against increased infection pressure from the earth. In the first stage of the wood pole’s life, induo® recommends the LoPro® complete foot protection bandage to cover the entire buried length and foot of the pole.

Service life

Thanks to careful processing and impregnation according to the customer’s wishes, induo® round wood poles are extremely long-lived.

The average durability of our wood poles in inland Central Europe is (example for a pine pole, length 12m ø 30 cm):

  • untreated, buried construction or earth foundation approx. 1 - 4 years
- untreated 
  • untreated, no earth foundation approx. 2 - 5 years
  • salt impregnated approx. 8 - 15 years
  • creosote impregnated approx. 15 - 80 years

To extend their service life, we always recommend protecting the wood poles with the additional application of LoPro® wood preservative bandages.

Certification and standardisation

All induo® wood poles are produced and delivered in accordance with the following international norms:

  • EN 14229

  • ENA TS 43-88
BS 1990


We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer for your specific enquiry.

Example pricing (current prices): 

120 pc. pine, round wood poles
pole length 9 metres/foot ø 22 cm diameter, Vacuum pressure impregnated with creosote, Tanalith, Wolmanit or Korasit and LoPro® wood preservative bandages, 
incl. delivery up to 400 km from Korschenbroich as per Incoterms:

€173.25/Pc. plus VAT

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