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    efficient and sustainable

Purchase Utility poles made of wood – efficient and sustainable

induo® round wood poles have proved themselves time and again as the cheapest and most effective form of overhead wiring for telecommunications. There is a sustainable supply of wood for telephone poles and telegraph poles and they blend seamlessly into any landscape. While growing, wood removes more CO2 from the atmosphere than is released during processing. In addition, woodlands clean the air, protect drinking water and offer humans and animals protection, living space and relaxation.

As a rule, induo® telephone poles are made from northern or central European pine wood from sustainable forestry, which is particularly suitable on account of its structure and growth characteristics. The best timber is selected on site for felling and then brought directly to the facility for further processing.

In contrast to poles made of steel and concrete, the transport of telephone poles and telegraph poles made of wood is cost and energy efficient. Controlled production routes and perfectly timed deliveries are the main ingredients in induo®’s recipe for success and offer sustainable environmental protection.

Innovation and exactitude – fibre-optic extension using wood poles

induo® has always set itself the goal of creating sustainable infrastructures. Today, providing fast Internet for all has become a challenge for our entire society. 

The glass fibres required do not, however, have to be buried under ground. In rural areas, high-speed internet can be directed over wooden telephone poles. Today Deutsche Telekom has more than three million wood poles in its inventory, to accommodate the over 100,000 kilometres of overhead cables that make up its network. It is worth noting that Telekom is constructing new stretches of overhead fibre-optic cabling and wants to continue to use existing and new wooden telephone poles to supply remote settlements and even individual homesteads with high-speed internet. The use of the natural material, wood, massively reduces costs.

Delivery and adaptation

To guarantee that we can deal with customer requests quickly, the common types of telephone poles and telegraph poles are produced in advance and stockpiled. The round wood poles are delivered, in good time, to the port of delivery or the construction site, ready for installation. Adapting to the various worldwide standard crossarm systems is no problem, as the telephone poles are drilled and screwed on the construction site.

induo® round wood poles are used by our customers in the telecommunications sector in the following variations:

  • Support poles 
  • Angular poles 
  • Dead-end poles 
  • Single wood poles 
  • Double wood poles 
  • A-frame wood poles 
  • H-frame wood poles  

While in service, wooden telephone poles and telegraph poles are easy to maintain as they can be climbed with the appropriate step irons without any further climbing aids. If necessary, entire telephone poles can easily be exchanged. The possibilities for modification offered by the natural material, wood, allow for individual customer desires to be implemented at any time.

Service life

After impregnation according to customer needs, induo® round wood poles are exceptionally long-lived.

A telephone pole of this type ought to last 20 to 30 years. Additionally, the individual poles are checked for durability and strength at regular six-year intervals.


We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer for your specific enquiry.

Example pricing (current prices): 

250 pc. pine, round wood poles
pole length 8 metres / foot ø 17 cm diameter, pressure impregnated with creosote, Tanalith, Wolmanit or Korasit and LoPro® wood preservative bandages, 
incl. delivery up to 400 km from Korschenbroich as per Incoterms:

€139.15/pc. plus VAT

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